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Mobile app and responsive Web UI Design.


Project Brief

Virtuelly emerged as a response to the growing demand for interactive virtual events. It reimagines online gatherings by seamlessly merging event planning, audience interaction, and real-time engagement. Our task was to craft a design that ensured effortless navigation while prioritizing user interactions.

Project Goals

Interactive Experience: Create a platform where both hosts and attendees can actively engage in real-time.

Customizable Landing Pages: Equip hosts with tools to design event-specific landing pages.

Simplified Event Management: Streamline the process of creating, promoting, and conducting events.




UX/UI Design



My Approach

User Persona Development

Built two primary user personas: “The Host” focused on event creation and management, and “The Attendee” emphasizing interaction and event participation.

Competitor Benchmarking

Examined platforms like Hopin, Webex, and Remo, understanding their strengths and areas for improvement.

Information Architecture

Organized content to cater to both user personas. Prioritized quick event creation for hosts and easy event discovery for attendees.


Mapped the user journeys:

Hosts: Event setup → Landing page customization → Audience invitation → Live interaction management.

Attendees: Event discovery → Registration → Real-time participation → Peer interactions.

UI Design

Landing Page Templates: Offered a suite of modifiable templates, catering to diverse event themes.

Interactive Modules: Designed chatrooms, Q&A sections, and live-polling features, promoting host-audience and peer-to-peer engagement.

Visual Identity: Choose a palette inspired by the virtual-digital realm, paired with modern typography. Ensured responsiveness across devices.

Social Features: Embedded features allow attendees to create profiles, network, and initiate private chats during live events.

Accessibility: Incorporated design standards ensuring inclusivity for all users.

Testing and iterations

Initiated several rounds of usability testing. Feedback led to refined event discovery mechanisms, enhanced chat functionalities, and more intuitive landing page customization tools.

Launch and Results

Post-launch, Virtuelly quickly gained traction among event hosts for its versatility and attendees for its emphasis on engagement. Surveys indicated that 92% of hosts found the landing page customization feature invaluable, while 87% of attendees appreciated the enhanced interaction modules.


Virtuelly’s UX/UI design journey was about merging functionality with interactivity. The platform’s success lies in its user-centric approach, transforming the virtual event space into a hub of lively interactions and memorable experiences.

The Happy Client

Silverscoop delivered the designs on time. They communicated clearly and consistently, and they were very flexible in terms of making revisions. The team was also reachable at all times, allowing them to attend to the client’s needs promptly.



CEO, Virtuelly

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