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Branding Strategy
Art Direction

Site of the Day
Honorable Mention, envisioning itself as a one-stop digital destination akin to Yahoo, required a complete overhaul to cater to the diverse interests of its vast user base.

The aim was to offer a seamless experience across multiple segments: Reading, Music, Videos, Games, and Wallpapers.


Diverse Offerings: Integrating varied content types without overwhelming users.

User Retention: Ensuring users can easily navigate and discover their desired content.

Consistency: Maintaining a cohesive and uniform experience across all sections.

Performance: Delivering multimedia content without compromising on speed and responsiveness.

01 Movie page UI TV Schedule Guide UI


Design Solution

Information Architecture: Organized the portal into main segments, each easily accessible from the main navigation bar.

Wireframing: Outlined the user flow for each segment, ensuring a consistent experience whether users were reading articles, streaming music, watching videos, playing games, or downloading wallpapers.

03 music player streaming OTT web UI


UI Design

Unified Color Scheme: Adopted a neutral color palette that worked cohesively across diverse content types, accentuated by segment-specific highlight colors.

Dynamic Landing Page: Featured trending content from all sections, offering users a snapshot of the portal’s diversity.

Segmented Layout: Each section had a dedicated landing page, ensuring content-specific user experiences. For instance, the ‘Listen’ page resembled popular music streaming platforms, while ‘Read’ adopted a news/magazine layout.

Responsive Design: Ensured the platform was fully functional across devices, from desktops to smartphones.

Quick Access Toolbar: A floating toolbar provided quick access to all primary segments, enhancing user navigation. Radio player streaming OTT web UI inner page UI


Launch and Feedback

The redesigned saw a 60% increase in user retention within the first two months. Users particularly praised the revamped navigation and the clarity of content categorization. The ‘Listen’ and ‘Watch’ sections observed a 75% increase in daily active users, indicating the success of the multimedia streaming experience.

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