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360 Quadrants

Mobile app and responsive Web UI Design.


Project Brief

In the ever-evolving world of SaaS (Software as a Service), CXOs often find it challenging to make informed decisions on which software solutions best fit their organizational needs. Amidst countless options and a barrage of technical specifications, there was a growing need for a platform that could decomplex the software buying process. The aim was to create a B2B marketplace, accessible both via a website and a mobile app, tailored specifically to the unique demands of CXOs.

Develop a B2B marketplace, accessible via website and mobile app, that specializes in SaaS solutions. The platform will cater primarily to CXOs, assisting them in simplifying their software buying decisions by offering ratings, reviews, and software quadrants.


To provide CXOs with a user-friendly platform that centralizes information on various B2B software, streamlining their decision-making process.

Target Groups:

– CXOs (Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, etc.)
– Decision-makers in enterprises
– IT managers and procurement teams




Vice President - UX/UI




Market Research


Design Considerations

Intuitive UI/UX: The design should be clean, modern, and intuitive for CXOs who need quick insights.

Responsive Design: Ensuring a seamless experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Branding: Align with a sophisticated and professional brand aesthetic suitable for a B2B audience.

Data Visualization: Effective and easily understandable visualization for software quadrants and other graphical elements.

The Solution

Research & Discovery: Before diving into the design process, we undertook a comprehensive study of the existing SaaS marketplaces. This helped identify gaps and potential unique selling points. Engaging with a few CXOs during this phase provided invaluable insights into their specific needs and challenges.

Feature-Rich Platform: The marketplace was built with a host of features such as detailed SaaS listings, user reviews & ratings, software quadrants, advanced search & filter options, and a robust comparison tool. The quadrant visualization was particularly appreciated, giving users a quick comparative overview of software based on user reviews, features, and other metrics.

Responsive Design: Given the busy schedules of CXOs, we wanted to ensure that they could access the platform on-the-go. A responsive design was implemented, ensuring seamless functionality across devices, be it desktops, tablets, or mobiles.


User Engagement: Within the first three months of the launch, the platform garnered engagement from over 10,000 CXOs across various industries.

Positive Feedback: 95% of the users found the platform intuitive and said it significantly simplified their software buying decisions.

Increased Reviews: A steady influx of software reviews indicated that users were actively participating and benefiting from peer insights.

Recognition: The platform was featured in several tech publications as a “game-changer” in the B2B SaaS industry.


360Quadrants successfully addressed the challenges faced by CXOs in making software buying decisions. Through a combination of user-centric design, comprehensive features, and a commitment to data security, the platform is now recognized as an essential tool in the B2B software buying process.

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