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Gainn + Wiseup

Branding and UX/UI Design


Project Brief

Crafting a brand identity for Gainn, an app tailored for sub-brokers, as the gateway to introduce their clients to the investment world, the design radiates trust and competence.

A sophisticated color palette, perhaps merging deep blues or orange with subtle layers incorporate interconnected nodes or links, symbolizing the partnership between brokers, clients, and the platform itself.

Typography is informed by authority and modernism, emphasizing clarity and command in a rapidly evolving financial landscape. Throughout, the visual language of Gainn should reassure sub-brokers of its cutting-edge technology, while grounding the experience in the timeless principles of trust and collaboration.


Gainn Infotech


Design Director





Design Considerations

Intuitive UI/UX: The design should be clean, modern, and intuitive for new-age traders who need quick insights.

Responsive Design: Ensuring a seamless experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Branding: Align with a sophisticated and professional brand aesthetic welcoming youth to jump the investing band wagon.

Data Visualization: Effective and easily understandable visualization for software quadrants and other graphical elements.

The Solution

Research & Discovery: Before diving into the design process, we undertook a comprehensive study of the existing trading apps and marketplaces. This helped identify gaps and potential unique selling points. Engaging with a few traders and sub-brokers during this phase provided invaluable insights into their specific needs and challenges.

Feature-Rich Platform: The marketplace was built with a host of features such as detailed stock listings, stats & key information, advanced search & filter options, and a robust comparison tool.

Responsive Design: Given the busy schedules of traders and young workers, we wanted to ensure that they could access the platform on the go. A mobile app design was implemented. Also for marketing the website UI was designed ensuring seamless functionality across devices, be it desktops, tablets, or mobiles.


User Engagement: Within the first three months of the launch, the platform garnered engagement from hundreds of new users at no marketing cost.

Positive Feedback: 95% of the users found the platform intuitive and said it significantly simplified the trading experience.


Gainn and Wiseup successfully addressed the challenges faced by both Sub-brokers and young traders in making more informed decisions. Through a combination of user-centric design, comprehensive features, and a commitment to world-class UI design approach, the platforms are now recognized as an essential tool in the fintech space in India.

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